“In April 2008, we noticed a small lump above Pickles’ leg. We tried not to worry, but after researching on the web, we found some disturbing information. We took Pickles to the Cat Clinic of Roswell, where we met Dr. Michael Ray, the new owner. After an initial examination, Dr. Ray felt certain that the diagnosis was fibro sarcoma. Dr. Ray scheduled surgery for the following week to remove the tumor. The biopsy results were as expected… a malignant sarcoma. Dr. Ray and his staff were outstanding. They treated Pickles and our family with care and compassion. The long term prognosis for this disease is not promising, but 16 months later, we are happy to report that Pickles is doing great! The Cat Clinic of Roswell is without a doubt the best cat vet that we have ever visited. The historic Roswell house has been restored and updated, and is a warm and inviting place. Dr. Ray and his staff are a very welcome addition to our Roswell community!” – Carol Anne, Roswell, GA

Cancer survivor
“Dr. Ray embodies the word “compassion” and is truly a godsend to our family! My wonderful Smoky, 11, a Maine coon mixed rescue who has seizures, almost died in August 2008, under the care (?) of another veterinarian. After being referred to Dr. Ray by a friend, I am happy to say that Smoky is alive and well, and LOVES going to see Dr. Ray (as well as the entire office staff!) The welcoming, totally cat environment is so inviting to my babies! Dody, Smoky’s brother, is a special needs, 11 year old kitty who has motor coordination, vision impairment, and neurological challenges, as well as seizures. Dr. Ray cuddles with Dody, and reassures him as if he were his own! Dody just loves it! And, Dr. Ray has referred wonderful cat sitters that my boys are happy so see when I am gone. What a relief! We are so happy to have found Dr. Ray and the Cat Clinic of Roswell. Thanks to you all!” – Cindy, Dody and Smoky – Sandy Springs, Georgia
Smoky and Dody
Dr. Ray and his excellent staff have been wonderful helping me take care of my cats, Shadow and Butterscotch. Each cat has unique health issues and temperaments.
Shadow is 17, small and very hot tempered when it comes to any medical attention, but Dr. Ray and his awesome techs are skilled and patient, and have taken good care of her. He tunes in to her emotional, as well as physical needs, and is very considerate of not increasing her stress during office visits. Shadow was very sick with kidney problems last November. I did not think she would live until Christmas. But, thanks to good care and guidance from the Cat Clinic, she is thriving.
Butterscotch, my 15-year old tortie, is very sweet, but extremely shy. Usually, I am the only person she will let near her. But, she is comfortable at the Cat Clinic and is doing very well.
I appreciate the knowledge, availability, patience and interest in the well-being of my two beloved cats.” – Alice – Sandy Springs, Georgia
Shadow and Butterscotch