Frequently Asked Questions

Babies, Toddlers and Cats – toxoplasmosis, marking, anxiety

Becoming pregnant and bringing an infant into your home is a joyful, exciting, and often anxious, time of change in you and your cat’s lives. You do not have to find another home for your cat just because you become … Continue reading

Declawing Fact Sheet – scratching, claws, biting

One of the most common subjects we get asked about is declawing.  Despite the fact that it is illegal in most European countries and many animal shelters have a “no declawing” adoption policy, some people view declawing as a necessary … Continue reading

Entertain your Kitties’ Brains! Environmental Enrichment – toys, play, behavior

Here at The Cat Clinic of Roswell, we advocate indoor only cats. This lifestyle keeps them healthier, safer and living longer lives. However, some cats may get bored or frustrated being kept inside. Below are some suggestions for keeping them active, … Continue reading

Introducing a New Cat To Your Household

Cats are actually very social creatures and enjoy the company of other cats and even humans. Many times, behavior problems exhibited in a single-cat household can be resolved by bringing home a friend for the existing cat. When you feel … Continue reading

Litterbox Fact Sheet – anxiety, behavior, urinating

We often get calls from frustrated owners whose cats are urinating or defecating outside the litterbox. This can be a very serious problem which should be addressed immediately, but there are many simple things that can be done to prevent … Continue reading