COVID-19 Announcement

As a result of the COVID 19 virus; we have moved to a completely no contact facility. We have closed the building to anyone outside of our staff. We will continue to care for your cats as usual, but have moved to exclusively offering the drop-off, curbside service only. We can discuss this curbside service with you at any time. Please call for more information at 770-552-7877.

Options to consult with us in regard to your cat include:

1. Curbside service for drop off and evaluation with Dr. Ray. This will allow you to drop your pet off for evaluation without entering the building. Please call us at 770-552-7877 if you are interested in pursuing this option.

2. Telemedicine consultation over the phone or via webcam. This may need to be followed by a drop off situation as described above if samples or a hands-on exam is deemed necessary.

3. Reviewing you pet’s needs or upcoming needs including medicine refills with a staff member. Call us at 770-552-7877 if you wish you review any current or upcoming needs of your cat.

4. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ray directly to discuss your concerns about this virus and how it could impact your life with your cat. We will then schedule a convenient time for a telephone consultation to help you plan for care. You can send us pictures or video to evaluate ahead of time. We can also schedule a Skype video conference if there is a sign or symptom you would like us to see in real time.

We will ask any clients that have experienced a recent fever, shortness of breath, or any travel history that makes you concerned about your own viral status to please notify us and exclusively utilize our curbside pickup. This would also apply to anyone that is under a self-quarantine or an advised quarantine because of COVID 19.

Our online store at our website has all your products and pharmacy needs at the tap of a button. Your order will be sent the day you place it. We are here for you and for your beloved feline family. If we have not thought of a way you would like to receive care, just let us know and we’ll do our best.

It is important to note that there have been no cases of COVID-19 within the veterinary hospital currently. None of our employees have symptoms, or any reason to be concerned about their own viral status.