July 2020 COVID-19 Announcement

Keeping cats and their people safe!

We will maintain our status as a no-contact facility through at least Monday, August 10th, and possibly later. We currently offer curbside service and telemedicine, when appropriate, as well as phone and email consultation. Please contact our office to discuss which option works best for you and your cat.

We recognize that continuing curbside service may be reassuring to some of you and disappointing to others. We miss seeing all of you. Please know that although continuing curbside service is much more labor-intensive on our side, we feel that it is the safest choice for our clients and our employees.

We also need to mention our appreciation of how most of you have adjusted to this new normal of cat care thrust upon us. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to care for your cats, while keeping you, your cats, and ourselves as safe as possible. Public health and human health are also the responsibility of the veterinary community, working alongside our noble human medicine colleagues. Cats have contacted COVID through human contact, but no cases have been reported from cat to human at this time. So, there is no increased virus risk from face rubs and head butts with your kitties!

When I graduated from veterinary school, my colleagues and I took an oath. The key promises we made were to:

• protect animal health and welfare
• prevent and relieve animal suffering
• conserve animal resources
• promote public health
• advance medical knowledge

This oath does involve a significant commitment to public health. Veterinarians have always had the underlying responsibility to protect the public from animal disease transmission. Diseases like Rabies, Cat Scratch Fever, and intestinal parasites, including Toxoplasmosis, come to mind when discussing our role in human health. This virus that has changed everyone’s life was also contracted from animals, although the true and complete story of what brought us here does seem hard to find in some circles. Nonetheless, protection of human health is an important part of the veterinarian’s job.

We want you all back in our hospital soon to deepen our shared connection with you and your beloved cats. Keep in touch, share a lap when possible, and meow back to your cats often!

Michael Ray, DVM
Cat Clinic of Roswell