Cat Adoptions

The cats featured below are available for adoption to a loving home. Contact us regarding adoption fees. Also, please be aware you would be required to sign a contract not to declaw the cat you’re adopting, and to keep them indoors.


Hi! I’m one of the official feline greeters here at CCOR, looking for a home of
my own to guard. I have one year’s experience (that’s seven years in human
time!) patrolling the place. I am an INDOOR ONLY cat. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a big teddy bear at heart and have my cuddly side too. So come in and meet me today if you’re looking for a Patrol Cat…!









Minnie (Puckett) is a client cat who needs a new home. She’s ok being an only cat or with other pets. She’s very sweet and loving. Call us at CCOR for more information!

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